TrojanHunter 5.5

TrojanHunter 5.5: TrojanHunter is a dedicated anti trojan with file memory and registry scanning. scanning for detecting any modified variant of a particular build of a trojan. - Registry scanning for detecting traces of trojans in the registry. - Inifile scanning for detecting traces of trojans in configuration files. - Port scanning for detecting open trojan ports. - The Advanced Trojan Analyzer, an exclusive feature of TrojanHunter, is able to find whole classes of trojans using advanced scanning techniques. - TrojanHunter Guard for resident

Diamond Vision 4.0.86: Diamond Vision is a document imaging software designed for production scanning.
Diamond Vision 4.0.86

Diamond Vision is a document imaging software built for imaging Service Bureau and for Corporations` scanning department. It works like a scanning production line. You have your scanning stations, QC stations, Indexing, OCR, Barcode and can export to many different types of databases oe EDMS. Some of the main features are: Unlimited number of pages, Full reporting tool built-in, Indexing overseas import feature, barcode reading and more.

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MailScan for Linux Mail Servers 6.x

Scanning all the e-mails for viruses before letting them through the gateway. / SPAM control by checking the validity of the mail senders and their IP-Addresses / MailScan for Linux performs virus and content scanning at the gateway and then delivers the mail to the user mailboxes. MailScan for Linux Features Anti Spam / Anti Virus Features / Virus Scanning/Scan Control/Attachment Reservation/Policy based Rule-Sets/Customized Alert Messages/Malicious

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LeafBoy 1.4.2: Scan documents and photos quickly and easily.  Store PNG, JPG, or PDF files.
LeafBoy 1.4.2

scanning applications. Combines scanning and saving into one step. For multi-page documents, LeafBoy automatically adds file suffixes with incrementing numbers. Less expensive than competing scanning applications. Zoom and pan your scanned documents. Compatible with Windows 7. Copy or print images easily. Simple hotkeys make scanning quick and easy. Works with all TWAIN scanners, using the drivers installed on your computer. Scans one page at a time

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Windows Remote Scanning Console 1.0: Console for scanning remote Windows machines
Windows Remote Scanning Console 1.0

Scanning Console is a simple yet powerful suite of tools designed to enable IT administrators the ability to remotely scan and manage their client/server environments with ease. In total there are 17 snapins currently available to the console ranging from simple file/folder scanning all the way to remote password resetting. All of these functions will quickly make the Windows Remote Scanning Console a must have addition to any IT administrators arsenal

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Scanitto Pro An efficient scanning suite with great functionality OCR with a great price tag!
Scanitto Pro

If you have a scanner that you use for a limited range of purposes (copying, simple text and photo scanning) and are looking for a tool that would be drop-dead easy to use, user-friendly, inexpensive and would do the job well every day, you definitely should check out Scanitto Pro. Easy to use, lightweight and having just about every conceivable feature you need for day-to-day scanning and OCR, it will be a choice you will never regret making!

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PaperScan Scanner Software Home Edition PaperScan Home Edition - Scanner Software for WIA and TWAIN devices.
PaperScan Scanner Software Home Edition

PaperScan is a universal scanning software designed to offer power as well as simplicity of use.The Home Edition of PaperScan was optimized to conveniently provide powerful yet `must-have` features at a really affordable price. While most scanning applications are dedicated to one scanner or one scanning protocol, PaperScan allows you to control any scanner (TWAIN or WIA), including network scanners, cameras and acquisition cards.

image processing, image acquisition, scanner software, wia scanning, twain scanning, batch scanning

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